Featuring former members of Lovedog and Mary's Danish, CC and the Jackpot Prize were a force to be reckoned with in the '90s. Their live shows were high energy extravaganzas mixing Las Vegas styled funk and 50's rock and roll. If you took the Isley Brothers and added generous portions of James Brown, Elvis Presley and Screaming Jay Hawkins, added a dash of 70's spy movie soundtracks, the end result would be the band's hypnotizing sound.

The band scored a local hit (Los Angeles) on the World Famous KROQ with their song "Hungry Bear vs Rooster." The band also found favor with the popular magazine L.A. Weekly. Loveline's Riki Rachman was quoted as saying "They remind me of Starsky and Hutch!" 


Meet C.C. and the Jackpot Prize

C.C. Mirage  (formerly of Lovedog)     Lead vocals / Bass / Guitars

Nick DeWonderful  (formerly of Mary's Danish)     Drums

Sweet Daddy Stardust     Guitar

Big Casino     Bass

Jackie     Backing vocals

Pit Boss     Keyboards

The band was backed by The Fabulous GM Horns

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