Formed in mid-2022, Chad and the Ship of Fools is a live side project led by Chad Carrier. Their live-shows are akin to Chad's live solo show on steroids. The Ship of Fools are a wide ranging cast of characters. From former members of Chad's past bands such as Easter and Big Mess, friends from other popular punk and alternative bands and an ever rotating cast of musically inclined friends, you'll never know who might show up during their performances. But whatever cast of characters show up for a gig, a fun time is guaranteed for all.

The Ship of Fools rotating members:

Tracy Lee Nelson   -   Bernie Deal   -   Matty (Soccermom) Goodman   -   Ron Hopkins   -   Lazy Ass Destroyer 

Korky Ollerton   -  Dave Corradi   -   Jarmyn Cowen   -    Steve Brownlee   - Thin Man