Chad's Underground Scene : The Archives

Chad's Underground Scene is all about music and the arts. The show identified as "genre fluid," offering up various styles including punk, alternative,  rock & roll, jazz, flamenco, blues, rap & hip hop, Native American folk music and much more!

Chad's Underground Scene was a weekly video webcast that offered up exclusive interviews and live music performances  with  both notable music artists and up and coming indie artists. The show also featured interviews with rock photographers, painters, dancers and other artistically inclined guests.  

Every episode also featured bonus music videos by a variety of artists 

Just a few of the special guests include Don Bolles (The Germs / Celebrity Skin)Casey Royer (Adolescents / D.I. / Radolescents), Clive Farrington (When in Rome), Bruce Duff (Street Walkin' Cheetahs) and producer Geza X (Dead Kennedys / Black Flag / Germs).

The show was webcast on The network, debuting a new episode every week. 100 episodes were taped during the show's run, beginning at the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The shows are now archived for your viewing pleasure (or your morbid curiosity). Follow the link below to where you'll find the YouTube links listed in chronological order and by artist.

CLICK HERE  for  Archived Episodes of  Chad's Underground Scene


This is a two part interview. Episodes 53 and 54.

This is a two part interview. Episodes 46 and 47.

Episode 66

This is a two part interview. Episodes 57 and 58